History of the Trevross

The Hotel was first built as two separate terraced houses in the mid Victorian era. We are currently researching the hotel's history and are very interested to hear from anyone with information, stories, etc on the Trevross and the Apsley road area.


We originally thought that the properties were combined approximately at the time of the second world war. And in 1962 a large extension was built at the rear adding 8 extra bedrooms and greatly increasing the private living areas

We have now found a Local holiday brochure for the 1965 season which shows the "Rendezvous" was listed and owned by Mr & Mrs G Aldred at 56 Apsley Road and therefore the Trevross did not exist at this time.

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We now know the rear extension was applied for in 1962 but not built then. Later in the 1960's the 2 building's (56 and 57) were acquired by Trevor & Ross Matthews and subsequently gained the name "Trevross". And at this time they were combined. We are hoping to find the full story shortly and publish extracts from the guide.

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Recently while cleaning a old storage area of the hotel a old postcard came to light. Originally we thought it was done by the Woodward's in the 1980's. Recently David Woodward came down and we now know it is Mrs. Matthew's in the Photo and dates from the 1970's. It shows Mrs Matthews behind the bar as well as other shots inside and outside the hotels you will see the hotel has changed quite a lot over the years both inside and out

Trevrossbrou Click here to view the postcard in detail Trevrossbrou

The Woodward's then took over in 1987 and ran it until they both died within a short time of each other in 1997. The middle son David then ran it until he returned to London in 2001. Firstly himself and then via a manager, Dave was famous for his partying and stag and hen do's!!
Click below to view one of Dave's Famous Flyers!!

After the summer season the manager decided to leave. She cleaned up the place, made the beds, filled the sugar and condiment pots in the dining room, put saucers on the sugar pots and left. The hotel then stood empty and the Woodward's put it up for sale, Apart from a few pigeons who gained access (some windows were left open) and were eventually evicted by the new owners as they did not pay rent!!!!


Above the Hotel in Mid 2004

The Hotel was leased out in April 2003 with an option to purchase, and purchased that year. Due to the time empty and lack of recent maintenance the Hotel needed a great deal of work. This has been ongoing. During 2004 most of the hotel was  been redecorated, inside and out, the rooms and common areas. Old 70's style furniture replaced and much maintenance was been done behind the scenes

The electrical system was fully refurbished during Autumn 2004. The system was prone to blowing the fuses out. The new system has modern RCD trips, much of the electrics were wired into to few circuits. So new ring mains were added to reduce and spread the load. The fuse boards were replaced and it was all tested annually etc to the latest standards.

The old bar, now a breakfast room was partly refurbished and the final touches were completed for Easter 2005

The final common shower rooms and toilets refurbishments were completed in the Autumn 2005. Further room improvements were done during 2006. New services were introduced, including towels and toiletries in all rooms. The range of Complimentary tea's and coffees were increased. For the Autumn of 2006 we have added, sweetener, De-cafe coffee & biscuits. In 2007 we added more choice including hot chocolate. 2008 saw the introduction of Bottled water in all the rooms
During the winter of 2007 further works and room improvements were done including, the installation of Free view in all rooms, major redecorating in some rooms, some rooms now have nice modern beech shaker furniture, almost all the beds are fully sprung divans, full sets of new and matching nets and curtains, improvements to the use of the electrics in the rooms, total refurbishment of the shower room on the left of the hotel, new lino and redecorating in WC's, pictures and ascetics etc to many areas of the hotel, A new front sign was installed and further floodlights

New floodlights have been installed and a wide range of Christmas decorations were used at Christmas. Some pics are online now. Including night time shots. In Early 2009 all lights were changed for low energy including special bulbs for the Floodlights. We re-viewed out environmental policy and now recycle as much as we can, including taking all bottle to bottle banks

In 2008 Eddie and his family came to stay having returned to the UK. Originally Eddie helped with some decorating, but As the owners were struggling to run it to a reasonable standard and finding it hard to get a good manager Eddie talked himself into the job. His partner Anna ran the cleaning side and Even Young Albert worked as the official Fish Tank man!

Over the winters of 2008 and 2009 Eddie has begun a makeover. By summer 2011 approx. 95% of the rooms are to a new design that Eddie created. And the final untouched room was done in late June. A modern brown wall to one end, new carpet, modern wall lights, updated furniture gives a updated, modern and fresh design. Most rooms have flat screen TV's with DVD and all should have for next season.

Eddie redecorated many areas of the Hotel and is always updating something. In spring 2011 the redecorating of the common areas, (yes including the really big walls to the top!) was done. The recession has made it difficult to afford to do all we want but we are getting there.

We completed a new L2 Fire System in May 2009. 

Summer 2014 saw the start of works at the front for a new open area and updating. painting was done, new LED floodlights fitted, the old wall was removed, a new patio was installed, one of the doors was changed to a wall in 2015. A new improved sign and signage will be installed for spring 2019.

Also one of the common Shower rooms was refurbished to a walk in style wet room, A new Breakfast area was created. Over the winter of 2015/16 the lounge and dining room were be swapped over allowing more area for breakfast.

Under Eddie's management the Trevross has flourished. His touch with guests and hard work has gained many regular guest who are now firmly friends. Eddie and Family left the Trevross in jan 2017 to run their own Guest house in down and Steve Lockett arrived to take over. His style is different and has restored the older stye fun and relaxed attitude the Tony orignally used.

We have also now completed the change over to Flat screen TV's in all room with Digital Freeview TV built in, and we have players to use for free. Also we installed Fibre Optic Internet and extended the Wi-Fi to cover the whole hotel, speeds are up to 35mb! for Wi-Fi!

During 2018 Paul Whitby took over as General manager with a long carrear in Hospitality. 

We have started the process of installing Double Glazing in all windows and expect the final ones in for season 2023. The global Pandemic has slowed down Pauls plans howver we are working to make the best and continue to move forward

We will keep the site updated on improvements and any additional history information we find out .

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